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Fee Structure

This School tution fee is payable for the twelve months(monthly/bi-monthly or quarterly as the case might be) and should be paid by 7th of every month,failing which a fine amount will be levied for late payment or non-payment.

  • In case if fee is overdue a student is likely to be barred from the examination and shall be liable to have their names stuck off the rolls if due is not paid on time .Re-admission will be done on the payment of arrears and fresh re-admission fee shall be charged.All dues must must be paid before each term exam however early in the month it might be.

  • Fee for computer Education shall be charged separately.

  • Non vero facilis sed deleniti est, voluptatum suscipit, ipsum itaque, nesciunt fugiat. In deserunt magni.

  • No reduction will be made for holidays or broken periods.

  • Students are liable to be charged full fee as long as their names are officially on the rolls or written application submitted to the principal duly signed by the parents.

  • Payment by cheque shall not be acceptable.

  • School Transport Facility,If made use of shall be separately charged.

Best experience Teachers

We Provide best teacher in our school.

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Parent satisfaction

Our School Provide full satisfaction.

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CBSE School

Our Schools Provide English Medium. (CBSE COURSE)

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Books Library

Library Available In Our School.

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Our Features

Information Teachnology

As part of an ongoing coding and robotics initiative, Sphero robots are available in schools boardwide. Giving students another tool to solve problems in a relevant, modern, and meaningful way, robotics and coding involves all the skills of problem solving: Reasoning, Communicating, Reflecting, and Metacognition.

Rich Library

p align="justify">The School has a treasury of books ranging from fiction non-fiction biographies encylopedias dictionaries reference books and books of other general awreness for students ranging from class 3 to 10 jurnals.magazines ,compact discs,educational DVDs,all aid to the growth process of the children.

Transport Facility

We have a very efficient, safe and punctual transport system. Our buses crisscross the all parts of the city. We have a fleet of more than 40 buses which keeps on increasing every year. The overall upkeep of the buses is of top priority for us. Each bus has a teacher in-charge equipped with a mobile phone to ensure that each and every commuter is safe and secure.


Realizing the power of concentrated HCL and watching flame of different colors during flame test make the student aware and bring the joy of learning for students. Our chemistry lab not only help the students understand different chemical reactions but also help them to understand various chemical reactions we see in our daily life.

Cultural& Ecological Club

Cultural and Ecological clubs are meant to imbibe in students Creative aptitudes through active participation in various social,cultural and literary activities like dramatics debates elocution speech competitions eassy writting competitions,story writing competitions and musical and dance shows.Emphasis is laid on co-curricular sports in order to build a sense of sportsman spirit and develop their innate confidence and students are encourged to play a host of indoor and outdoor games to improve on their physical health and mental well being.


A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that works through touch detection. Students and staff can manipulate objects on the board such as images, shapes, videos, and written text.High quality documentation and creation tools are fundamental to the learning process. To leverage the power of video production capabilities inherent to iPads, iOgrapher kits (microphone, light, lens, and case) expand the toolkit available for students in all schools.